Friday, September 23, 2016

The day began with a great breakfast prepared by some of our favorite people. Thank you so much Gary Feenstra, Janelle Kelly, Mike VanDrie, Sharlene and Linden Lade, and Amy Aernouts. You all rock! 
Around 8:30 am the Ride4Life team took off on our 250 mile journey. 
All smiles now and believe it or not, they still had smiles after completing 
the 91 mile day. 

The day was beautiful riding weather. We are grateful for the protection, cloud cover, and often experienced glorious rays of sun shining through the rain clouds. Along the road, or running out in front of us, we saw 4 deer (one big buck), a kamikaze snake (as Kelly calls him), lots of turkeys, hawk, and geese heading south. 

Most of our breaks were along some beautiful body of water. We live in a gorgeous state. 
Coming into Silver Lake was a highlight as the white dunes rose up in front of us. Other than one dead end road (sorry guys!), we went with very few mishaps and for that we are grateful.

Here are a few quotes from the day:
   "To clip or not to clip, nah. Let's just tip over."  - says Staci twice.

   "To train or not to train." - says Shelley once - "I think I will train form now on, 
   these hills are killing me."

    "Wooooow!" - says Kelly, every time we saw the water!

Another highlight came while stopped for a break in Pentwater. A curious man asked why we were riding. We told him we were riding for life, for women and men experiencing unplanned pregnancy. We explained that we extend love and compassion while they grapple with their pregnancy decision and provide support throughout the process. He immediately asked if he could donate to the Ride. Thank you dear sir, for catching the vision and for loving life with us! 

Our ride came to a close today right around five o'clock, once again, along Lake Michigan in Ludington. We ate together at the hotel in their commons room. Jon grilled hamburgers and brats (thank you Sherry and Craig for the burgers). Dinner was served at 6:00 pm and then we all walked downtown for ice cream (we missed you Don!).

So everyone is heading off to bed now and ready for another day tomorrow. 
See you all then. Keep praying and don't forget to give if you haven't already! 

The 2016 Ride4Life Team!