Sunday, September 15, 2013

We began the day with cold and rain it soaked our bikes, our clothes, and especially our feet.  However it could not dampen our spirits.  I cannot tell you how I impressed I am with this group of people I have the privilege of spending this week with.  We took a moment for a photo spot we could not resist!

Abby predicted sun by 1:00 and it arrived to take us another 40 miles. We were grateful to warm up and dry out. The sunshine stayed with us while we made our way through Green Bay. God saw us through safely and we were thankful to get back out into a more rural area.  Everything was going well as we made our way through the last 30 miles.  Then we hit some more weather.

 We had a mile to go to get to the Motor Home for a break and we were trying to beat the storm as we were heading straight into it.  Note to self "bikes do not outrun storms!"  Needless to say we got wet again but we didn't melt and we got there safely.  The last 20 miles were tough but everyone really stayed strong through 2 dog chases and a deer crossing.  We rolled into the hotel about 7:45.  Our journey lasted over 12 hours and was 110.5 miles!!!!!! Some of us went into the hot tub (in our bike clothes) and some headed straight for a hot shower.  We ordered in some food and ate a quick meal in the lobby.

I told the group tonight "you are ordinary people doing extraordinary things." We are not a group of extreme athletes. We are just riding with Gods Grace leading us to raise money for a cause for which we are very passionate.  During dinner tonight we came up with a list of things we are thankful for along with some highlights from a very long day.  Thank you for lifting us up today. We could not do this without your love and support.  Tomorrow looks chilly but sunny.  We are looking forward to another day on the road doing exactly what we signed up for. Riding our bikes to raise funds to promote the precious gift of life.

Gratitude & Praise:

  • Your prayers! We could not do this without you!
  • The couple that gave us a donation when this bedraggled group arrived at the hotel.
  • Ben fixing a flat tire in the rain
  • God protecting Val as her foot was stuck in her peddle for the last 3 hours of the day and Ben for fixing it tonight.
  • Thankful for having two nurses along and that's all we are going to say about that!
  • Safety through the city.
  • Thank you for your many texts of encouragement and inspirational scripture even though we can't usually answer they are so appreciated and often read out loud to the rest of the group.
  • Carolyn, Betty, Ben & Abby for taking care of us all .  We could not do this without them. We are all tired but at the end of a long day Ben cleaned all of our bikes and got them ready for tomorrow and Carolyn and Betty were off to do laundry.  
  • Most of all Thanks be to our God for being with us for every stroke of the pedal.

To God be all the Glory and Praise,
The Riders