Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Kickoff for 2015!

The Ride4Life 2015 is on! Our riders are training hard, our SAG drivers are planning our meals and break stops, and everyone is working hard on fundraising. The ride departs in one month on September 19 for a week. 
Our team will cover 700 miles in one week around Michigan. We would like to introduce you to our team and ask for your prayers and support as we get ready to RIDE4LIFE!!!


Sherry Hoppen

Sherry is a longtime employee and volunteer for LPC. This is her 6th Ride4Life.

Don Wickstra

Don is a former LPC Board Member and volunteers for many events at LPC. Don is riding for the 5th time in the Ride4Life.

Jonna Lubbers

Jonna is an avid rider with a passion for life. This is her 4th Ride4Life.

Garry Markvluwer

Garry is joining us for the 2nd year in a row. Garry and his wife are very active at LPC. Garry raises funds for both the LPC Golf fundraiser and the Ride4Life.  Garry is a strong leader on The Ride and his leadership on the road is so valuable!

Shelley Hollar

Shelley is the Holland Center Director and is participating in the Ride for the 2nd time as well. We missed her last year, due to surgery, but she is back and we are so thankful she has healed and is able to ride!

Joe Aernouts

Joe is a first time rider for LPC. His wife is a director at LPC and has done the ride twice and now it’s Joe’s turn! We look forward to having Joe join us this year.

Joe Albers

Joe is also a first time rider and new cyclist as well. His involvement at LPC started with his mother-in-law Sherry and he has always stepped up where needed. Thankful that Joe is riding with us!

Bob Parsons

Bob is riding for the Pregnancy Services of Gratiot County in Alma, MI. He has been training hard and we are happy to have him be part of the group! Bob’s wife Desiree is the Assistant Director of that center and it is so great to see how he shares the passion for what his wife does every day. Thank you to the Alma Center for hosting us for dinner on the first day!

Jim Luehm

Jim is also riding for Pregnancy Services of Gratiot County and is their Board President. He is very passionate for the pro-life cause and cycling. He is honored to support the Center in Alma and we are thankful he is joining us this year!

We are so excited to host this collaborative effort as our two centers come together and Ride4Life!


Carolyn Doyle

Carolyn is the Executive Director for LPC and has been involved in the Ride4Life for the past 6 years. She routes the trip and leads our SAG Team and Riders safely on the route every year. She is an excellent team leader and her leadership plays a vital part in the Ride4Life.

MaryAnn VanKampen

MaryAnn is joining us for the second year in a row. MaryAnn is a whirlwind at break time with snacks and whatever else we need to have ready to go. She gave lots of hugs to sweaty riders whenever needed as well. So glad she is back for another Ride!

Diane Meyerholtz

Diane is also back for a second year. She is Carolyn’s sister and together they make sure we know where to go and make many of the decisions on the road for the team. She pitches in wherever needed and we so appreciate her!

Terry & Kay Agal

Terry drove our Mobile Center last year and is back for another Ride and bringing his wife Kay along to assist this year (or to keep him in line!) Driving that big RV is not an easy task, but when the riders come around the corner and see the bus and SAG team waiting, it is indescribable! They know that means a break from the bike, a bathroom, and some good nourishment. We are so glad that the Agal’s are both going this year!

So that’s the team 2015. Who is not mentioned? YOU! Your support in prayer and giving means so much to LPC and this team. Commit to send a word of encouragement via email or text to someone throughout the ride. This can make all the difference in a day and getting through those last few miles or a tough day in general. Please pray for us as the final preparations are made as the Ride4Life approaches. We ask that you pray for good weather, safety, and funds to come in, as well as for the family members we leave behind, so many things to be in prayer for! 

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