Saturday, September 21, 2013

Final group photo - Day eight!


What a day. Our stay in Ludington was quite eventful. We soaked hot tubs to relax after a long ride, ate dinner, had sweet fellowship with new friends and a sang couple songs of karaoke. Too much fun.

Riding through Hart -last leg of the trip
We started today early to make sure that we arrived on time to reunite with our family and friends for a picnic at 2:30. We felt the wind of the Spirit all day, living deep inside of us and pushing us all the way home. We made great time and really didn’t want to stop long for breaks.
We rode through Hart, Shelby, and Montague. Upon arriving into Muskegon we decided to stop at a waterfront park to group up before arriving to the Welcome Home Picnic. We had our final devotions; we prayed together, took some groups photos, said some tearful goodbyes and sang the Doxology one last time (it has become a theme song this trip). We then mounted the bikes and finished the last few miles.  We were cheered home by a great group lined along the road. It was an emotional finish line to end an emotional week.

God has been so good.  He has protected us and strengthened us through every one of the 712 miles.
It has been an honor to get to know each member of the team and we are proud of all that has been accomplished (in HIM). We rode 712 miles, we climbed close to 4,000 feet, and raised approximately $75,000 for LPC and Alpha Family Services. 

We thank the Lord for ALL He has done, we thank YOU for all you have done and we especially we to thank each family for supporting your spouse on this ride, letting them be away from home for a week and for covering the home front. We thank each supporter for your putting tangible action to your  belief in life.

We could not have accomplish any of this without the favor of the Lord and the support of each of you. So again, Thank YOU!
Final mile, up the hill and around the corner.

We would also like to thank each of our sponsors:
·         Requets Foods
·         Artex Label
·         J & H Family Stores
·         Quincy Street, Inc
·         Zeeland Vision
·         Hamilton Medical Center
·         Westside Service
·         Holland Litho Printing Services
·         Main Street Bicycle Co.
·         Koetje Wood Products
·         Generational Wealth Management
·         West Michigan Bike & Fitness
Due to each of these underwriters, every dollar raised by the riders went directly to the ministries of LPC and Alpha! We are grateful.

Welcome Home!
Thank you all for following us along the way, praying for us daily, texting encouragement, sharing scripture, and being there at the end of our adventure.

As one of our riders posted tonight on her facebook page…
It is finished!
Praise God from whom all blessings flow.
Praise Him all creatures here below.
Praise Him above ye heavenly hosts.
Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost.