Saturday, September 14, 2013

After a great breakfast and a quick 5 mile ride we boarded the Ferry. Since many of us were meeting for the first time we decided to gather together and get to know one another.  Laura Thompson is joining us this year from Alpha Family Center in Greenville. She is raising funds for Alpha in collaboration with LPC. We are so excited about her joining!
We were asked over and over what we were doing due to the amazing outfits that attracting so much attention!
Carolyn said that you could see us as soon as the bright coats came out of the door and stood proudly on the deck.

Once off the ferry we had lunch in the parking lot (Carolyn had set up for us).  Then, off we go!
We had some loss time due mix up in routes but made it through the big city and felt God’s hand of protection many times  - your prayers are being answered.  We traveled a total of 71 miles today and didn’t arrive into the hotel until 7:30 pm (Milwaukee time- 8:30 our time).  Everyone showered and met downstairs for dinner. (We ordered in) We had a time of devotions and prayer, shared some highlights of the day (a couple minor falls and one minor crash) – keep praying everyone!
Everyone is in great spirits but very tired.
We had a beautiful sunny day today and please pray tomorrow for good weather. There is rain in the forecast and we have 104 miles to ride..
Thanks for your prayers and all of your support. So far we have raised approximately $55,000. That is amazing but we would love to get to $75,000!! So it is not too late to give!

Thanks again for your prayers, encouragement and support. Keep messaging your friends and loved ones, they need all the cheering on they can get!
A great morning for a bike ride! A little cold yes, but the sun it out and the team is ready to roll. After a meal together with their families, friends and supporters they are off. (Thank you Gary, Diane, Tom and Linda!)
We start with a quick 5 mile ride to the Lake Express Ferry in Muskegon. When we land we will have a quick lunch and finish the day, destination...Sheboygan Falls, WI. (Approximately 62 miles).
Pray for the team, safety, health and good weather.
Stay tuned for an update later tonight to report the events of the day.