Thursday, September 20, 2012

Day 6 Mackinaw City to Central Lake

Many hills today but "staying in the pocket"!
We ended our day yesterday in Mackinaw City with a great meal at Audies and then had to get some fudge of course! Had a very good nights sleep while hoping for better weather for in the morning. It was hard to be optimistic because the forecast was downright horrid! Many prayers went up for us and they were answered!!! The first thing that I heard was Jonna telling me that it was warmer than we expected (like 50 instead of 30) and the weatherman said, and I quote " we seem to be in some sort of pocket, it is warmer and dryer than expected this morning" That then, became our theme for today. We are in a pocket, GOD'S POCKET! When it would start to sprinkle we did not worry and someone would say "Hey, no worries we are in his pocket!"  That is where we stayed all day. Yes there was still 25 mph winds but other times we seemed to be in a lot of protected areas and did not feel it quite so much.  We did 81 miles today to the Blue Pelican Inn (near Torch Lake) and then went out for some pizza and a round of milkshakes. This group loves to fuel up and deservedly so.

The gps on Dr Dans bike tells us we climbed 2,450 feet of hills today. He just told me that is a very impressive number for a bike tour. Our quads would agree! I have to add I am happy to be able to write tonight as we had a near miss with a deer crossing today! Lets just say I was almost able to pet him when he ran in front of Ben and I.  Venison anyone? No thanks, we had an amazing meal at Classic Pizza next to our hotel and we would highly reccomend it if you are ever in Central Lake!

I could not be happier with the attitudes of our riders.  Our new riders have been a blessing to us all.  Every single one of us contributes in a special way. At any given point during this ride I have been impressed with the encouragement given to one another at any given point.  Our sag drivers tirelessly follow us to keep us safe and greet us with snacks and hot drinks when needed. Today in the cold I mentioned how grilled cheese and tomato soup sounded so good and WA LAH! Guess what we had for lunch!!!!!! This is an amazing group of people and we are blessed to be together as we tick off the miles. (471 miles down and ONLY 236 to go!)  God is good and he has been kind.
Now those are Calzones!
I see left overs for lunch tomorrow.

We skipped roadkill and line of the day yesterday so we will make up for it today!

Road Kill: Racoon Family, Possums & Porcupine
Live Action: Snakes and Deer
Beautiful spot on the trail. 
Overheard on the ride today...
"I could do a lot of damage in a Walgreens today"
"Oh nuts, this is a dead end" (that was in the motor home-not so easy to back out of a tiny space)
As we passed a group of tourists these two things were overheard "not a fat one in the bunch & look there's a Grandma in that group!

Team meeting and devotions at the end of the day. 

Thanks for all 
your support!!!