Monday, September 22, 2014

Day 3 - A day of blessing and 107 miles!

We are focusing on the blessings of God! 

Our verse for today happens to be the same verse that Sherry has taped on her bike.  Phil. 13:13-14

A piece of our devotions: From Christine Caine

Persistence is a vital link to obtaining victory!
Know what you believe and be determined to stick with it to the end. Be filled with His peace and boldness, speak His word and watch the mountains move.

Our list of blessings...we could name SO many more!

1.              The fish boil last night was both fun and delicious
2.              The beds were amazing
3.              Val's fall was minimal and she hopped right back on her bike!
4.              The weather was beautiful!
5.              The route and roads were great - one road was recently repaved with a large shoulder and rumble strip. (Rumble strips are our best friends!)
6.              The wind was almost always at our backs
7.              Seeing the Big Lake on our right much of the day was spectacular
8.              We have a cohesive group with great camaraderie and love

9.              One of our team who didn’t feel well yesterday came on strong today and finished all 107 miles - her first century plus 7 ride!
10.          Beautiful scenic break stops

11.          Many people interested in our cause – even a reporter as we came through Peshtigo.
12.          Mobile Unit – Represents peace, encouragement, and safety – We pray that the mobile unit will represent to our clients.

13.          Getting word from a client today via text with a photo of her new born baby boy! A child who was almost aborted had she not come to LPC for help. Welcome Uriah!
14.          Laughter at dinner. Wow…so much we cried.
15.          Pumpkin bars and hot apple cider
16.          Strong legs
17.          17.  Our staff and prayer partners, and all of our donors – thanks for the encouragement.

18.          18.  Nancy and MaryAnn gave a tour of the mobile unit upon checking into our hotel tonight.  Two retired nurses were "checking it out" and when they heard what we are doing and how we will use the mobile unit they were so excited. One of them said her daughter had a high-risk pregnancy and her doctor encouraged her to abort. She chose life. They are so thankful for what this mobile unit and the pregnancy center are doing and they will be praying for us from here in Escanaba. 

Pray for this mobile unit safety as it is a large vehicle on small roads!

Tomorrow we head to “The Dreamland Motel” near Gulliver, MI on US2.

Good night everyone - from the R4L team!

This is a quick morning request...

We have a BIG day ahead of us, 106 miles along a very well traveled road. Please pray for:
1. Safety
2. Endurance and stamina
3. Wind at our backs
4. Sunshine

As we said last night, prayer is important, felt really works!

Thank you all.

The R4L team.

Riding for life!!