Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day 5 Gulliver to Mackinaw City

It was a crisp 32 degrees early this morning when we started out! We were layered and bundled and looked more like skiers than cyclists!
Great picture at the halfway point!
350 miles  down 350 to go. 

We were pretty well prepared but our hands and feet
were taking the brunt of cold. We went 16 miles and had our first flat of the day but after a quick fix we made it to our first break stop at 25 miles in Epoufette where we downed some hot cider and of course, food.
Still smiling!
Grandma Betty rocking the big hill!!!
At lunch we worked hard trying to lift spirits and motivate everyone to finish the day.  We went another 25 before stopping for lunch then hit a rainstorm at about mile 40. We were right along the water and the wind and rain were cold.We made it up until the last 10 miles before the rain came again.  It was hard riding right along the lake and at times we were only going about 8 mph instead of our customary 14-15 mph. We finally made it to the mighty Mackinaw bridge as we were pelted with an icy rain. Yeah it was kind of tough but we were sooooo happy to make it back to the Lower Peninsula and stopped long enough to take a group picture with the bridge behind us.
Made it to the bridge! (It's in the background)
We then crossed over to the Mackinaw Port Authority and were sagged across the bridge. With only a couple miles to go for the day, the rain eased up, and we reached our destination for the day. We are settled in at a hotel in Mackinaw City and planning to roam around in town for a while tonight. If anything really newsworthy happens we will be back to report. Keep praying and thank you all for your ongoing encouragement and prayers.

Day 4 Escanaba to Gulliver

Dreamland Motel - Here we come! Riders in the background. 
Have you ever been to Gulliver? If not you should not make it a big goal to get there. The only thing there is the Dreamland Hotel that I saw. However after 75 miles in wind and cold on a bicycle we were glad it was there.  Our day started well and we made good time. Spirits were high with dry conditons and tho it was cold the sun was shining. We stopped for lunch at about 50 miles in Manistique and conditons had changed drastically. It was cold and windy but the scenery was beautiful. We took time for a photo shoot with the lighthouse behind us. Then we put our heads down for those last 25.  Those last 25 took us about as long as the first 50.  Needless to say the wind can make all the difference in the day.

Roadkill of the day: a body part we did not recognize
Best line of the day: "Is that the room that smells or is it just me"

Needless to say as always at the end of the day we laugh alot, eat alot, and just enjoy each others company.  There was a little "Dreamland Diner" that fed us well.  Holly led our devotions based on John 3:16. Without Jesus in your heart you got nothing!  So true, getting through each day in life is impossible without him.  We say that often on this trip. He always sees us through and we are so thankful!  Thanks for the prayers and keep them coming