Saturday, September 19, 2015

Day 1

A windy morning greeted us as we gathered to load up, eat breakfast and rally the team for a group photo. We want to give a BIG THANK YOU to all who worked hard this morning to provide an amazing breakfast! Great fuel for the day in so many ways.

After tearful goodbyes and lots of hugs, prayers and amazing support the team of nine riders and 5 SAG (Support And Gear) crew headed out for the first 100 mile day. Destination…Big Rapids.

Early on, it was our wish to make it through the day using good bike etiquette and avoid any angry drivers. Well…that lasted for three miles…our bike etiquette was spot on but the angry driver could not resist a special hand gesture and a few angry words as he passed by. Please keep praying for driver patience, our protection and more encouraging drivers like the one who cheered us one with a more positive thumbs up hand gesture!

 Our first break was in Conklin, where we were joined by a group from Our Church of the Saviour who were hosting a bike-run & ride for a man who had suffered a stroke from within their congregation. We gave a tour of the Mobil Center, shared stories and encouraged one another. What a great way to start the day! Pray for their success as they raise funds for a great man and his family.

The rain threatened and often met the SAG vehicles but was avoided throughout the day by the cyclist!  Yay God!! The clouds played all day with the sun. They were dark gray one minute and beautifully fluffy with sun shining through the next.

 In Sand Lake, Laura Thompson and her four beautiful children, signs and all provided lunch! Laura rode with us two years ago and couldn’t resist coming to cheer us on, feed us well and give more encouragement. Thank you Laura and kids!!

 On we pedaled toward Big Rapids finally making it to our destination around 5:30 PM with just over 100 miles registered on the bicycles! Way to go team. Tonights meal was provided by the ladies from Alma Pregnancy Services (riders Bob and Tom are from Alma and riding to raise funds for their center). What a tasty meal and great fellowship we had! THANKS Desiree, Catherine, Diana, and Diana!
 The SAG team met up to review tomorrow’s route and break stops and off to bed we go.

Keep praying. 
Keep in touch.
Keep reading!