Sunday, September 20, 2015

Day 2

Morning Prayer and Devotions - Stay focused and be all in.

Rising sun breaking through the fog. 
Sunday, September 20, 2015

Day 2 of R4L started out at a chilly 46 degrees.  
We gathered in the hotel parking lot at 7:30am and began with an inspirational chat from Jonna and Carolyn about being “all in,” no matter our job in life. 
Today…our job was to peddle and we committed to being “all in” no matter what lay ahead!

We jumped on a bike path along a river, which ran through and out of Big Rapids. We were immediately humbled by the gifts of beauty God had laid in front of us. Peddling along the water, we rode in and out of banks of thick fog. We passed deer and and other wildlife as the sun continued to rise in the sky.

BLAKE adds to the trip!
 Breakfast was in Reed City and prepared by the Alma Pregnancy Services staff. Oh my, do they know how to spoil us! (Thank you once again ladies)!
Happy SAG Team

Little gems along the way.

After breakfast, we jumped back on the bike path where we spent most of the morning. Our afternoon (and early evening) was spent on much busier roads. This required much more focused riding to ensure everyone’s safety. There were many times we were averaging about 17mph while traffic went flying by.  We were only met with polite drivers but this was a great test since we haven’t ridden many times as a full group.  We learned that we are a strong, tight group of riders who work well together…what an added blessing!

Team 2015 coming in for a break!

Lunch was in Lake City and was prepared on the RV by our own sag team lunch ladies…and boy do they know how to keep us fueled! Thank you MaryAnn and Diane! We sure appreciate you! Just when we thought it was time to jump back on our seats up walks the “man of the hour”! Mike, our driver showed up with ice cream for everyone!

Garry enjoying standing for a moment. 
Jim is loving this break

Next we were on to Houghton Lake where we had a gorgeous view of water once again as we wound around the lakeshore.

We took a quick pit stop before our last leg of today’s journey at a fire station near Higgins Lake.  One of the firemen showed up because he had gotten a report that people were camping in their parking lot!  

 A few highlights of our day were:

Several kids waving  to us along the roadside.

People telling us their stories of pregnancy decisions they’ve made.

Surviving 2 dogs running after us!

People thanking us for what Positive Options does!

We ended the day eating together and thanking God for each of you. YOU are making all of this possible! YOU have invested in us and we are honored to represent each of you with each mile we ride. 

Thank you for your prayers today...they were felt!