Sunday, September 23, 2012

Day 9 Pentwater to HOME!!!!!!!

Coming into the home stretch!
We are blessed. Why? We are all home safe and we did not get rained on today! What a trip it has been!  I have been home a few hours now and have been reflecting on the ride and can not get over how much I am in awe of this group of people. Yes, we got under each others skin at times. I have said to a few people since I have been home the following statement: This is like the show Survivor, take 12 people who really don't know each other and make them ride, eat together, fellowship together, and just basically get along for 9 days as you do something totally out of your comfort zone and ride your bike 700 miles around Lake Michigan. Yeah, that's totally a God thing. So Proverbs 2 comes to mind,  "When we take action as God commands us, he then takes action in response. "

What a homecoming! Thank you all!!
We rode into today and I lost it. Why? This is my 3rd ride!!!!! Because the people that love and support me were waiting and so were so many others for my team.  The relief I feel tonight because we are home safe I am so thankful for. I take no credit.  He was with us all the way. Our God was with us every stroke of the pedal. There were so many times we wanted to quit. Would I want to be anywhere else but in that moment  at any place in this ride? Probably.  At the end of the day we were all where we were supposed to be. In his pocket. Amen.

There will be more but right now I just want to thank you all for your support and prayers.

Celebrating God's grace, 704 miles and a great team. 
Yes, I have to add a few comments of my own. I have to thanks this amazing team for staying with it ALL the way through, in spite of ALL that fought against them. They were incredible. They shivered, got hit with hail, wind, rain, and more wind and rain. Dr. Dan sent an email to us tonight after he and Cecilia did some research on the weather we experienced. Here is what they found...
We had seriously the worst weather on record the past 16 years in both Escanaba and Mackinaw City this past week. The temperatures were 20 below average, it had NEVER rained in Escanaba during this week! The team rode (according to the Garmin) 704 miles and climbed 12,000 feet in the 9 days.
 I want to quote the good Doctor and his encouragement to the Ride4Life team,
Families reunited!
"...for whatever reason, God has allowed us to have the worst weather in recent memory... Maybe it's just that God lets a little stress come through from time to time to teach us to rely on His grace. And His grace was in fact, enough. You all did a splendid job hanging together as a team, which in my calculation was actually a more impressive achievement than 700 miles.

I agree!  Thank you everyone!
Dr. Dan 
Happy Daddy, happy baby!