Friday, September 23, 2011

LPC R4L 2011 - Day 2 Recap

Our day started cool and drizzly out of Kokomo as we SAGged in the vans to Columbus, IN where we would begin cycling for the day. Our first stop was at a park where we met a guy named Kevin as some of us were coming out of the bathroom. Kevin shared his story with us and was very intrigued by our story. Kevin lives among the homeless of the small town we found ourselves in. As he shared about sharing the gospel with the many homeless in the area, he was glad to accept a small meal pack we were able to scrounge together for him from our snack and Gatorade supply.

Our next stop was a pregnancy center that happened to be right on our route. We visited for awhile, interacted with a client a bit who had TRIPLETS, and then got back to it. Once we were out of this town (the name of which I can't remember as we are falling asleep here) things started getting a bit hilly. We were grateful for the rolliness of these hills as they tended to be series upon series of short and quick ups and downs rather than long draining ones. None-the-less, they were steep and the team worked hard again today and we are all tired.

We were blessed at our lunch stop by our SAG crew with yet another great lunch as well as a mini sermon from our cohort Dr. "Pastor" Don. Tomorrow we look forward to hearing from Pastor Mary.

As always, we wish we had more time in a day (mostly for calling home and sleeping). Today we even had to call it quits before we really wanted to simply due to time. We will try to find time to do some "special reflections" posts, sharing some fun moments we've had along the way.

We will continue updating as we are able. Thanks again for your prayers and continued support, we feel it all. Keep it up as we do the same again tomorrow. And the next day. And the next. And the next. And... I think you get the point (we'll be at this awhile).

Over and out.

LPC R4L 2011 - Day 1 Recap

Greetings LPC Friends!

Our devotions for our day yesterday were from “Jesus Calling” and went like this “Trust me and refuse to worry for I am your strength and your song. You are feeling wobbly this morning, looking at difficult times looming ahead, measuring them against your own strength...” I believe God wrote that with us in mind don’t you!

We started the day with a great breakfast at the Holland Center (thanks Gary and Diane)! Thanks also to the many family and friends that came to see us off. 
Yesterdays ride went really well. We had a crash less than a mile from leaving the center which is the only thing we found humorous about that incident. God was already hearing your prayers as this occurred with no serious injury when it had the potential to be so much worse.  Throughout the day we stayed together at a steady pace and experienced Gods hand leading us to speak with others as to what we were doing and we’re constantly rewarded with kind words and sometimes gifts!

At a BP called Bonnie’s Place people took pictures of us and asked to follow our blog and gave us a case of water for the road.
At our lunch stop while Carolyn and Lyla were setting up lunch the Schwann Guy pulled up and gave us ice cream for dessert!
A bag of Apples at a fruit stand.
All unexpected blessings that gave us the boost to keep going.  We talked last night about how not only to look at the destination but be aware of the people and places that God puts in our path and when he puts them there don’t run them over!

Last night we had a great dinner and time of fun and fellowship thanks to our favorite waitress Brooke at Texas Roadhouse.  Then early to bed because those 5:30 am alarms are going off before we know it.
We are writing this as we sag through Kokomo this morning until daylight and hopefully sunny skies greet us at our drop off point. Thanks so much for your prayers especially to hold off the rain because it didn’t start to rain until we were all loaded up and back in the vehicles. 
We will continue to update the blog as time allows.


Team Ride4Life

Update From The Road

We are working with fairly unreliable WiFi. We will try to do a post this afternoon / evening. We're doing great. Getting ready to take off for the day.

- Ride4Life Team