Monday, September 17, 2012

Day 3 Green Bay to Escanaba

I cannot express how proud I am of our Riders tonight. We did our biggest day to date on any of the Ride4Life Trips to date.  It was 110 miles total,  60 of which were bitter cold with a steady rain.  As the day wore on the roads got wetter, the semi's passing  sprayed us harder, and there wasn't much left dry on us.  There were a lot of wet body parts when we finally pulled in this evening. Our ride time today was about 8 hours which gave us about 10 hours solid out in the cold today. Like I said, that was a remarkable show of courage and perservearance.  They rode for the cause today and they did it well.

Thank you to those who prayed us through, thank you for the encouragement via texts & facebook. Thank you to all the cars and trucks that gave us as much room as possible.  Thank you to the SAG team that stayed on our tail like a protective mother all day, thank you to our sag drivers meeting us on the road with shots of hot chocolate. Most of all thanks be to God for keeping us safe and loving us through this day.  Our God Reigns!

This is Carolyn, Executive Director and one of your resident "SAG" drivers. I just want to say "thank you" to the twelve amazing bicyclists who rode in horrific conditions today. Cold, rain, narrow shoulders, and loooooooong distances!All without complaint and incredible determination. I stand amazed and honored to be part of this team. TO all you family, friends and have invested well! They are indeed riding for LIFE! If not, I am not sure they would have continued today. God is building character and showing Himself mighty among us! Keep praying, we have many miles to go and so much more to learn.