Thursday, September 12, 2013

Meet the Riders for 2013!

Amy Aeronauts

Amy is the Assistant Director at LPC of Allegan and has been married to her husband Joe for 27 years and they have 3 children. There children are living in Colorado and attending GVSU.  Amy shares her story and why she has a passion for LPC. 
“ I was a pregnant teenager. It is not a part of my story that I’m proud of but it is part of my story.  I had an amazing family and support system. I always knew in my heart there was a better path then the one I chose.  When I discovered LPC I realized they were telling girls the exact thing that I needed to hear when I was a teen!  I am doing this ride for the girls who need this support and are living a hard life every day. I am riding for the young guys and girls that have hard choices to make!"

Shelley Hollar

Shelley came to LPC in 2007 as a volunteer and has served in a few different positions in the ministry before becoming the Holland Center Director. “I am reminded daily of the pain and hurt others live in and am blessed to be a part of the hope we offer.”  Shelley and her husband Terry enjoy worshipping and serving at Hope Reformed Church in Grand Haven.  They both enjoy music, and anything in the great outdoors! However on a quiet day you many find Shelley in her sewing room whipping up something new. They have 2 children and 5 grandchildren that bring great joy to their lives. 
“I am blessed to be a part of the Ride4Life 2013. 

Sherry Hoppen

Sherry is the Administrative Assistant at LPC  and also works with organizing our many events.  This is her 4th Ride4Life and she always says it’s the last one! “Every year the planning that goes into this event and the enthusiasm of new riders is so exciting before I know it I’m training again!” Sherry has been with LPC for about 8 years in many different capacities.  She enjoys cycling, boating with her family, reading, writing, and the beach is her favorite to be. 
“ I am grateful to be able to be a part of this fundraiser and for a chance to really make a difference in a clients life with the funds that we raise. To God be the Glory!”

Valarie Kuipers

Val is one of the nurses at LPC.  She spends time in both the Holland and Allegan centers.  She has been married to the love of her life, Ian, for 2.25 years.  They moved to Michigan (from SD) soon after getting married for Ian’s job as an engineer.  While Val was finishing studying for her nursing boards, she began volunteering at LPC. 
 Now I work part time at both LPC and Pine Rest on the Child and Adolescent unit.  Both have been eye opening and challenging at times, but an opportunity to offer hope and healing to a world of hurt.  I am blessed to see these tiny babies on ultrasound and introduce them to their parents.  Sometimes the stories aren’t great.  What a better time than this, to share Christ and his love with open arms.”

Rachel Lindemulder

Rachel is a new rider who jumped on board with this fundraiser only a month before the big Ride! She is a young woman with lots of enthusiasm. She is 25 years old and has been married for 3 years to her husband Ben. She is a RN who is employed at the Fillmore Correctional Facility.  Rachel developed a heart for LPC through her sister in law, Sarah who is the Assistant Director in Grand Haven.  They have been training together as Sarah is riding in the Ride4Life as well.  Rachel has a big heart for the medical side of the ministry and the education it provides as well.

Jonna Lubbers

This is Jonna’s 2nd Ride4Life. She was with us last year when we did this same route around Michigan and is back for more! Hopefully with better weather this year!
“I am a Child of the King, wife, mom, and friend! There is so much to be excited about.  All that is happening at LPC is so beautiful! It is an honor to be riding and being a part of something so much bigger than ourselves!”

Betty Geurink

This is Betty’s third Ride4Life. She went with us to Texas and last year around Lake Michigan, she is also 77 years old! “I want to help save babies and women in crisis.”  This year Betty will be helping with Sag Support and riding when she can. 
“I plan to ride some miles on the trip but do not know how much time I will have or what I am capable of doing as I write this.  Please remember to keep all of us in your prayers for safety and endurance.” 

Sarah Minner

Sarah is our Assistant Director in Grand Haven and has been with LPC since 2003. “I am a 30 year old unplanned, unexpected, blessed to be here woman. My parents made a brave decision to keep me . Because of them I am thankful and aware that the Sanctity of Life issue is of utmost importance.  She is married to her college sweetheart Brett .In her down time she loves camping, biking, board games quilting & reading.  Her passion for LPC and this ride is great as her and Brett have experienced loss of life firsthand.  Last year Sarah had a miscarriage with twins and was reminded that Gods Plans are always bigger than ours.  
“I was challenged at a recent conference to be strong and courageous (Joshua 1:9) and do big stuff!  This courage prompted me to be part of this 700 mile bike ride for Life!” Sarah’s life verse is Acts 20:24 and she asks that you pray this for her on this huge endeavor “But I count my life of no value to myself, so that I may finish my course with joy and the ministry I received from the Lord Jesus to testify to the gospel of Gods Grace.”

Don Wickstra

Dr. Don is a board member here at LPC.  He has a busy dental practice in Hamilton with his son.  This is Don’s 3rd Ride4Life. He was not with us last year and his wit and encouragement was greatly missed.  Don has a true heart for this ministry and is always willing to help us out with anything we need at the center.  He is doing this ride for the young men and women we try to help in crisis.  Don has been known to say “I really don’t like to ride my bike.” We’re glad he’s back for another Ride!

Mary Wortley

Mary is a busy wife, mother and volunteer. God introduced her to LPC and the 2011 Orlando, FL Ride4Life team after she asked Him for an opportunity that would stretch her beyond her comfort zone and upon which her success would totally depend on Him. That time with the team led to further involvement with LPC. Mary dedicates her rides to her son, Grant. At the beginning of her pregnancy, she was told that he had a very high risk of being born with serious physical deformities. While some spoke of abortion, Mary trusted the Lord to either cover Grant with His protective hand or mold and equip her to raise a special needs child. While many things went wrong during that pregnancy, God chose to protect Grant through it all for which she is eternally grateful.

Laura Thompson

Hi – I am Laura Thompson, Executive Director of the Alpha Family Center of Greenville. I have been with Alpha for 8 ½ years, have a super-wonderful husband, and four wonderful crazy kids (7,6,4,2).  We live in Sidney, MI.
I am so excited about Ride4Life – and have been since Carolyn Doyle (LPC Executive Director) first spoke about the 2012 ride. I love a challenge and was thrilled when my husband said I could go (you need to remember, he will be the one home for a week with 4 little kids – so pray for him too)! My hubby and kids have been a great encouragement – every morning my kids wake up and eagerly ask if I’ve gone biking yet for the day. J
Working for the Alpha Family Center of Greenville for the past 8 ½ years has been a blessing and even though fundraising is a normal part of my job, the Ride4Life was new and challenging. Everyday clients enter our doors burdened with the challenges of life. Yes, Ride4Life is a challenge…but nothing compared to what these families experience every single day. My Lord and Savior has gifted me with the physical ability to take on the Ride4Life challenge and in turn, with the money raised, help so many in desperate need with their day to day challenges. To God be the glory – great things He has done…and about to do!

Ben & Abby Hyink

Last year, Ben Hyink participated in the Ride For Life as a rider.  This year, he and his wife, Abby, are driving one of the support vehicles.  Their desire is to serve the riders so that their ride is as pleasant, comfortable and fun as possible!  Ben and Abby have been married 13 years and have 3 children:  Joshua (12), Annamarie (11), and Risa (1).  Ben is the Program Director for both the men's and women's homeless shelters at Love, Inc. in Grand Haven, and is excited about the many opportunities he has to build relationships with those who don't know Jesus.  Abby recently moved to a stay-at-home mom position after working as a teacher and daycare director for a number of years.  She is thrilled to be able to be home every day with their little surprise package that came a year and a half ago.

Carolyn Doyle

Carolyn has participated in three other Ride4Life adventures. Her first as a rider but after a series of “unfortunate incidents” she became the lead SAG driver and lunch lady. She feels she has found her higher calling in the driver’s seat as opposed to the bike seat!
Carolyn has a passion for life and serves as the Executive Director at LPC. It is her commitment for this ride to help keep all of your loved ones safe, fed and well equipped.