Saturday, September 22, 2012

Day 8 Frankfort to Pentwater

Dr. Dan started our morning with a prayer and then we headed to the local A & W for breakfast! We then started our 10 mile climb in the midst of a quick rain shower. The day was full of hills, long steep descents, rain, wind, hail, thunder, and lightening.
The line of the day was, "Head for the woods!" (quickly dodging the hailstorm) 
We did have to stop for a few pictures at the top of one of the big hills overlooking the lake. It was not just the hills that brought us up and down. We had times where we rode with the wind and flew along (high) and then it downpoured with the wind in our face (low). Three flat tires slowed us down today (low) and a delivery of home made carrot cake (high) brought us up and made us feel so loved. Thanks Shelley & Terry for your road trip, we loved it!

Coming in for a break.
As we got to Ludington it seemed surreal that we were back on the same road that we had ended on last week at the same time.  I am glad no one realized that the same awesome hills we descended into Ludington last week would have to be climbed on the way back! We went out for a fun dinner in downtown Pentwater and concluded with devotions back at the hotel.  Dr Dan led us with Hebrews 12:1 "Let us run with endurance the race that is set before us." He spoke of how things like this ride teach us how to respond to the unexpected and do we run with it or do we give up?  Obviously we decided to run (or ride) with it! We are all ordinary people that have tried to do extraordinary things. I believe we have.  The last 640 miles have not been easy at all.  I am so proud of this group and am honored to call them friend.

Fixing one of our 14 flats. (over 8 days)

Stopping for rain to pass. 
Tomorrow we hope to ride into Maranatha around 1:30 and see our friends and family. That is going to be an awesome feeling and I am tearing up already thinking about it. Better get to sleep so I can hold myself together!

See you at the finish line!!!!!!

Day 7 Central Lake to Frankfort

Even our bikes slept well.
A crisp cool morning awaited us when we woke at the Blue Pelican! We rode our bikes down the street a few blocks for a country breakfast at Brothers Cafe.  When we got there Emily asked "Hey Sherry, how soon will we be climbing hills when we leave here?".  My reply was "about 500 feet."
That's not a hill...That's a wall!
So the day was underway. We rode around Torch Lake after some serious hill climbs to get there.  IT was another high deer alert as we had a few more feel the need to cross in front of us.  Our first break stop was in Alden and it was brief. We wanted to keep ahead of the rain that was following us and after a downpour as we were leaving we managed too just that. We used the TART trail to get through the busy traffic of Traverse City and dodged a hail storm during lunch.  Then it was smooth sailing the rest of the day. Well, as far as weather that is.  Partly cloudy skies and cool temps made for a pleasant afternoon to finish the last half of our 90 mile day. We will post some pictures later but there is no way to really do justice to the HILLS we climbed all afternoon.  The other ones were slight rises in the road so far compared to these.  The last one going into Frankfort was a 12-14 ft grade and on a 90 degree angle. Someone else said it was like a Black Diamond Ski hill and I would have to agree.  Be proud of this group! I saw strength I did not know existed in us!
Then it was just a short ride on the Betsie River Trail to the R&R Motel.  Clean and quaint would be a good description  of our lodging for the night. We then celebrated the birthday of one of our sag drivers and got a bite to eat. It rained most of the evening and we were thankful it had waited for us to be off our bikes.

Throughout the day we talked often about still being in Gods Pocket.  Aren't we always? I've said often on this trip "Remember, wherever you are right now is exactly where you are supposed to be." No matter if you are liking what you are doing or wishing you were somewhere else, you are still in the pocket and he is with you always.

 No new road kill to report I think we've seen it all!The excitement is building as we get closer to home. One more night away and about 140 miles.  We've got this!  Continue to pray for our safety. We have been so blessed thus far.  Thanks for all your love and support and be sure to check back on our progress!