Thursday, September 19, 2013

We pulled out of the cabins a little late this morning. It also started with a bit of confusion.
When the routine of beginning with breakfast is messed with we fell apart momentarily. Once on the road things smoothed out and we hit our first break at 19 miles. Carolyn and Betty fixed scrambled eggs, sausage and cereal along side the road at a park and ride. Delicious and fuel for the long day. We rode 100 miles today and felt like we were make in familiar territory as we cross the bridge. Last year we had the Port Authority sag us across bit we decided to do our own sagging this year. We had bikes and people squashed  into every nook and cranny of the RV.
We had lunch in Mackinaw at the Subway. (Big shout out to the girls and guys behind the counter - we threw them for a loop).
We met 2 gentlemen who thought what we were doing was really cool. (Shout out to you, Subway guys).
Upon leaving, we again had some confusion. The trail we thought continued for 10 miles suddenly turned to gravel. We rerouted and continued on to our destination of Harbor Springs.
Tomorrow we WILL leave on time and we WILL NOT get lost. That's the mantra for the day. :)

Thank you all who prayed specifically for the rain to stop. It worked! We rode in and out of rain a couple of times but nothing too terrible. There are mixed forecasts for tomorrow (rain, pop up thunderstorms or possible sun but warmer) so pray for the weather well.
It was a very late night tonight. We did not leave for the restaurant for dinner until almost 9:00 pm (that's what happens when we don't get in until 7 PM). We had a great dinner at a local Mexican restaurant and headed off to bed.  (Sorry for those looking for this earlier-food must come first!)


1. Quote of the day, "Let's just flip a coin to see what way to go."
2. We had 4 flat ties today
3. We made it across the bridge! Fun and exciting time.
What a group. Back to this side of the lake. 
4. Val saw the bridge for the first time
Val taking in the view.

5. Ben rode with us in his jeans
6. Lots of hills at the end of the day. (they have only just begun)

7. More gorgeous views along the top of the lake.
8. Ridng a full 100 miles
9. The State Policeman that offered to escort us out of town in the morning. (We did not take him up on it but it was cool of him to offer)
10. Dunes resort ice cream and pasties.

One extra little piece of information...
We believe that if Don Wickstra and Sirri had a trivia contest, DOn would probably win!

We ask that you continue to pray for our safety, sore bodies and injuries. We are doing this for HIS GLORY so God, please hide us in your shadow.

Good night everyone and thank you! (We will spare you the John boy routine tonight)
 - The Ride4Life team.

Sherry and Val - photo op