Wednesday, September 28, 2011

LPC R4L 2011 - Day 6 Recap

Today we cycled from Jacksonville, FL to Ormond Beach, FL.

What a great day!!!! Much of the day we were along the coast with the ocean on our left.
It was uplifting, exhilarating, and fun! Then it got to be about 95 degrees and then 97 and then 99 and for the last 18 miles after lunch we focused on getting to the hotel where we could jump in the pool!

Today we encountered a turtle crossing the road, “lovebugs” that ruined our lunchtime
beach break plans. We ended up getting lunch at a cafe because they made it impossible for
us to eat outside. We then were able to relax a while until we met up to go to “Crabby
Joeʼs" out on Sunglow pier for dinner. We then enjoyed devotions together focusing on
Psalm 95. Thank you Cheryl for leading us. We then debriefed and talked about our
next day.

It was a GOOD day. God has blessed us once again with health and safety. Tonight we
are thankful to be able to hear the ocean from our window. Shout out of thanks to John
Wierenga for setting up all these great hotels for us. We wish you were with us!!! Now
only 2 days until we ride into Orlando, our finish line. “Oh the places weʼve been and the
things weʼve seen.”

Itʼs 12:15 am and we have to ride tomorrow early although the boss is giving us an extra
hour of sleep. Tomorrow promises to be sunny and hot and we canʼt wait to see what
God has planned for us!

Love and Blessings,
Team Ride4Life