Tuesday, September 17, 2013

We’re back!
It was a beautiful but cold morning! The first scenery of the morning was over the water, watching the clouds reach down into the water with the sun reflecting across the waves. Gorgeous. 
We made great time today even while climbing about 1,500 feet. When we left Escanaba the sun was shining brightly.  We rounded the bay and headed across the UP on US2, which provided us with a wide shoulder with a rumble strip.
Our bodies are feeling that we are on day four. Please continue to pray for muscles, rears (as strange as that may sound, it is a very important component on a ride like this), ankles, knees, tendons, shouldres, etc. You get the picture. WE ARE WEAK BUT HE IS STRONG!!!

Here’s today’s TOP TEN:
1.       Our 2nd flat of the trip (same bike)
2.       We finally found the ice cream stop and Don held  to his promise to buy for us all. Thanks Don!
3.       Avoided all the tires and road kill. Today the number one victim of those ruthless motorized vehicles was SNAKES.
4.       The wind at our back literally felt as though God was pushing us! Thank you God!
5.       The trees are beautiful and beginning to change. It just added to the majesty of following the lake. Our God is quite the artist.
6.       Don decided to take a swim upon arrival at our cabins tonight.
7.       Beautiful views all day long.
8.       Feeling your prayers!
9.       Great conversations while riding and later tonight during devotions. These people are impressive.
10.   We have raised over $70,000 between the two centers (Alpha and Lakeshore)! It takes around $1,000- $1,200 to save a baby and we are riding 700 miles. As we did that math and found that together we (the team and every supporter) are saving a life every 11 miles!

So, tomorrow we ride again and every 11 miles we will be renewed! We pray that you will all be conscious of what is happening during these eight days too. It is so much more that a ride around the lake. It is a ride for life!

Photos coming when we have the service to download. Thanks all and goodnight!

…Good night John Boy…Good night Jonna… goodnight Don…goodnight Sherry…goodnight Rachel…goodnight Amy…goodnight Sarah…goodnight Abbie…goodnight Ben…goodnight Betty…goodnight Carolyn…goodnight Shelley…goodnight Val…goodnight Mary…goodnight Rachel…
Day Four!
We have arrived at our destination but it is in "Timbucktoo" (not sure about the spelling on that). I am quickly posting to say that we had a great day and highlights will follow. Our internet is very limited and sporadic. I am racing against time before we lose it again!
Watch for an update as soon as possible in the morning. If we can get more posted yet tonight we will but not sure if photos will load. Stay tuned...it's all part of the adventure.