Monday, September 16, 2013

Day Three!
The day dawned with the promise of a nutritional trip to McDonalds. The sky was bright blue and the sun graced us all day. (A wonderful reprieve after the rain yesterday). It was cool but gorgeous as we rode along the lake.
I have to say that there are a lot of sore bodies and bottoms. Spirits are high and the scenery is beautiful.
We have decided to write the highlights of the day as a Top Ten List.  Here are todays (in no particular order).
1.)    A funny little frog hitching a ride on Val’s handle bars. (She named him Freddy and he rode with her for 2 miles). See photo

2.)    Protection from the Big Rigs that played chicken on our road.
3.)    Riders reminiscing about this leg of the ride from last year – This year sunny and cool…Last year torrential rain and freezing! – ahhh sun.
4.)    No flat tires today!
5.)    Scenery along the way: a field of sunflowers this morning, gorgeous views of Lake Michigan, deer (we did not have to dodge), and an eagle perched at the top of a tree.

6.)    An awesome lunch of hot turkey on buns and homemade cookies. (Thank you Phyillis!)

7.)    Our resident dentist has found a new use for dental floss.  Curious as to what that is? It may cost you! – no really, it has to do with hanging dry clothes.
8.)    Our group dinner with  great fellowship, gut laughter, punch happy  energy  at the end of the day.

9.)    The couple that asked what this was all about as we set up for lunch in the camp ground. The guy immediately reached for his wallet and handed me a 20 dollar bill!
10.) Advice of the day,
a.       “Swallow that pillow and you will feel better in the morning.”
b.      “Put some chap stick on it and call it a day.”

Okay tonight we may have to add one more!
11). The many text messages, scripture verses, and encouragement coming to the riders throughout the day. They may not always be able to text you back due to the craziness of the day but they ARE getting them. Many of your texts  have been read to the group because we know that they will be an encouragement to us all!

Tomorrow we head into the UP (aye and don’t you know? – Pastie anyone?)
Keep praying and thanks again for hanging out here on the blog to keep track of our progress. This morning in our devotions we were reminded again why we are doing this. We are riding for babies (born and not yet born), for moms, for dads, for life!

With great appreciation,
Your Ride4Life team