Friday, September 20, 2013

The team was amazing today. After yesterday and those hills, the fact that everyone was able to get on their bicycle successfully and pedal away from the motel was a praise in and of itself. God was good to us again today. Despite back country roads and a period of heavy rainfall, we made it to Ludington in one piece and with joyful spirits.
1.       Betty rode the entire 80 miles today—such a trooper! At the breaks she was even helping get out the snacks and pull the chairs out for other riders.
2.       The team successfully completed another 80 miles--- only 70 more to go! The winds were calm for the last 20 miles, with the promise of a tailwind tomorrow!
3.       Notable quote of the day: “If I can’t find something, it’s probably up my shorts”
4.       We’ve all learned over the course of the week that Val is capable of telling 20-mile long stories (coffin—HA!)
5.       An unidentified creature managed to haul away a rather large piece of road kill only a small distance ahead of the riders. The debate now is whether it was a cougar or bobcat.
6.       We only suffered 1 flat today
7.       There was an awesome demonstration of teamwork at one point when our fellow rider (Laura) realized she had blown a tire as she was climbing a very steep hill. Not only that but she simultaneously realized her pedal clips were caught. Thanks to Amy & Mary for quickly identifying the problem, dropping their bikes and coming to Laura’s aid. It was a beautiful analogy to what we do every day in an effort to save lives on the verge of a crash. Way to go team!

     8.       As in every other sport, a good smack on the rear is appropriate especially when hill climbing. Thanks to Rachel for reminding Sherry of this acceptable behavior. It worked!
    9.       Karaoke--- enough said.
    10.   Singing the doxology tonight as we gathered for devotions in the hotel… once again, thanks to Betty for leading us with her beautiful voice.
Despite an Achilles injury pulling Sarah off the bike for the rest of the trip, we are thankful that God’s plans are always bigger. 
Rachel apparently has NOT had enough.
 She is now trying to ride the
bike rack outside of the restaurant!
She has been able to share Scripture with the riders on breaks and help out in the sag wagon. It has been a good reminder that God not only sees our futures, but will use our giftings and unique abilities as long as we are willing. 

We are all missing family & friends and cannot wait to roll into Maranatha tomorrow between 2:30 and 3pm. Please join us for a welcome back picnic… God has been good! Come cheer us to the finish line. We want to finish well--- to God be the glory.

Addendum to Day 6

We were pulled over by a concerned policeman. Thank you officer for your concern. 
When we arrived at the motel tonight we knew that we had no choice but to stop everything and give God the glory for all that He accomplished today.  We are really getting to know one another and loving it. What a great team we have.  

1.       We did not get lost today.

2.       We climbed over 3,500 feet and 1,000 feet in the last 60 minutes of the ride.
3.       We rode a total of 103 miles (12 hours on the rode).
4.       Praying at the bottom of hills for power to make it to the top.
5.       Sarah  has become the scripture girl at the break stops.
6.       MOOmers Ice Cream stop – at 80 miles …23 more to go (thanks for ice cream Don).
7.       We killed a snake today. Running over a live snake with a bike is rather scary.
8.       We had another rider join us for about ten miles of riding. Thanks for joining us for a while!
9.       Ben changed another guys flat tire at our lunch stop. The man was out of spare tubes and we have plenty since we went ALL day without a flat.
10.   Laura wins the quote of the day, “I would rather give birth 4 times than ride up these hills.”

Amy  and the gang pushing through the last huge hill
We don’t have many photos to post tonight because they are not loading well with the limited internet.

What a day! A very fitting verse was sent to us today.
                Psalm 121

                “I will lift up my eyes to the mountains, where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord the Maker of heaven and earth. He will not let your foot slip, He who watches over you will neither slumber or sleep. The Lord watches over you. ..The Lord  will keep you from harm, he will watch over your coming and going both now and forever more.”