Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Day 5 - God's protection

The morning began at 4:45 for the SAG team.  Terry left to wash the motorhome windshield. The rest of us all got up to prepare a hot breakfast in our rooms.  We kept the food hot in a couple coolers.
Shortly after dusk we all took off in an easterly direction staring directly in the sun.

This made seeing the side of the road (where our bikers ride) very difficult and dangerous.  Only a couple miles down the road we ran into a low area and heavy fog.  Now you might think this sound like a bad thing but we see it as God providing protection.  The fog forced vehicles to slow down which in turn gave them more time to see our team.  Unfortunately there was more construction today but only for 10 miles.  Again, everyone came through safely.

Breakfast was served at "Top of the Lake" in Naubinway.  After going though blinding sun, fog, and construction the team still came in smiling.  The setting was at the base of 3 crosses.  What better place to come?  We had a visitor, Tim Miller, come to see up and encourage us.  Tim is Kelly's Pastor at his UP church.

The ride along Hwy 2 was the most beautiful stretch of road.  The ride along the northern shore of Lake Michigan is spectacular and peaceful at the same time.

Then there is the Big Mac.  For some it was the first time seeing and crossing it.  It was fun to see it through their fresh eyes.  Many commented in devotions tonight how big and calm the lake was and how the great God we serve can calm not only such a huge body of water but He can calm us also.

After returning to the Mitten we still had 40 miles to go.  The pops of color are so beautiful and were enjoyed by each of us. The hills really gave a work out.  The total elevation of all hills put together today measured 1/2 mile vertical.  Some got up to speeds of 40mph on the downhill sides.  Yet in the SAG we still see smiles every time we pass and blow our horn and when they pull in to break stops.

Although we have not biked even 1 mile we SAG members feel as much a part of the team as the riders.  We suffer fatigued muscles and tiredness.  Terry tirelessly loads and unloads luggage and does the outside set up while we prep the food.

We are so grateful for all your prayers for each of us.  We love you all.