Sunday, September 24, 2017


This final day is bitter sweet. It has been hot but beautiful. We are thankful for safety and a team that works together.  We had a homemade breakfast to start our morning and on the road by 7:35 am

Leaving Ludington along the lake was 
a beautiful way to begin our final day of riding. Up toward Lakeshore Drive and down into Pentwater past the Power Plant and Bass Lake. A mama deer and her fawn greeted us along the way along with many other deer and a few dancing squirrels. 
Breaks today were in beautiful settings, nice breeze, and welcome shade. 

Stats for the Day
  • Distance: 74 Miles
  • Average Speed: 14 mph
  • Time: 7:35 am-2:45 pm
  • Total Trip Distance: 363 Miles

We were ready to get home though and we pushed through to make it happen. 
When we arrived back into Norton Shores and Maranatha Bible & Conference Center, we were greeted with cheers and an ice cream reception. 

Remember that even though we are home, our goal of $35,000 has not yet been achieved. It's not too late to join the team with your gift! 

Thank you all for coming to cheer us in, support us along the way, and pray daily. 
Rounding the last corner for home.
Coming into home! 

Welcome Home!!!

Thank you Ride4Life Team 2017! 

You were and are 
Rock Stars!!!

Ride4Life Cycling Team
Tom, Garry, Cindy, Shelley

Ride4Life Team 2017
Ice Cream Reception

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Silver Lake Rd. hill at sunrise
Day Three 2017
Heat. Hills. Headwind

Day three began in Traverse City at 7:32 am and ended at 6:05 pm. It was a long hot day with lots and lots and lots of "hills". In this heat they feel more like mountains. See below for the stats on the total elevation. YIKES.
We started with hills right away as we cane out of Traverse City and up the Silver Lake Road hill 
(12% grade). 
Any of our past riders are feeling the burn as they read this. It's a doozey! There were many more like that - especially the one coming into Benzonia. 

Today was also the day the deer stood still. There was no running involved. 
We came up on her in the middle of the road and she dared with a stare down. 
As we got closer she decided the apple tree across the road was more inviting and sauntered off. Wish we were quick enough to take a picture. 

First Break

Highlights and Good Advice:

  • Another beautiful sunrise as we crested the first of MANY steep climbs. 
  • More cold wash clothes to get us through the heat.
  • Decomposing rode kill almost killed us with their smelly selves today
  • Benzonia "hill" - 20% grade - straight up. ugh!!
  • The redeeming part of the uphill climb is the decent. (30-45 miles per hour on the way down!)
  • It was a day of bikes. Those with engines may have been wiser. We met dozens and dozens along the way. 
  • Breaks with beautiful views.  
  • Great place for a break.
    High on the hill overlooking
    Lake Michigan outside of Arcadia.
    Fun reflection
  • We had the first flat tire of the trip. We are grateful that it was discovered as we were leaving our lunch stop. So it could be fixed in the shade, under a shelter rather than in the heat alongside the road. 
Good Advice: 
  • If Garry leans to the right, you're gonna want to lean to the left. 
  • If a car speeds by your riders - get his license plate #.
  • If you want to be amazed, come SAG with us a behold some incredibly determined cyclist. We stand in awe. 
Look closely for the water view. Can't beat it. 
Stats for the Day:
  • Time: 7:30 am - 6:00 pm
  • Elevation: 2,900 ft.
  • Average Speed:  13.9 mph
  • Distance: 94.1 miles
  • Hills climbed: innumerable
  • Top Speed: 45.5 mph - Way to go Rocketman (Tom)
We just received news of our total funds raised so far. $17,619 
Even the bikes need a break today.
Thank you everyone who has joined us on this ride. 
You are all just as important as those of us out on the road. 
If you haven't joined in, there is still time. 
Our goal is $35,000, let's reach it together! 
First flat tire. Shade and teamwork.

Keep praying for us as the heat is really taking a toll. Another hot day tomorrow. We would love to see you at the Welcome-Home-Ice Cream-Reception at Maranatha Bible and Conference tomorrow around 2:30 pm. 

RIde4Life Team 2017

Friday, September 22, 2017

Morning hills just after sunrise.

All day long we fought the heat.
The first 20 miles were somewhat cool, 
but oh, how welcome was the pool.

Who would have guessed this second day of fall,
would set a record for the hottest day of all?
Lots of porcupines met their demise today.
We don't know if it was heat or simply their delay.

Mile after mile we pedaled on
through Cadillac and far beyond.
Up hills and around innumerable bends,
Eventually we knew, it had to end.

Indeed it did after mile ninety-five,
and we couldn't wait for that refreshing dive.
After cooling off, to dinner we ran 
(not really ran - since we can now barely stand).

We're here to express and perhaps even beam, 
As we say thank you for your part on this team.
We pedal, sag, and ride mile after mile,
but together we save lives and make people smile!

Highlights of the day:

Sheep, farms and beauty
  • Cool (66ish) morning and glorious sunrise.
  • Feeling God's presence throughout the day.
  • Sheep, farms, and other beauty.
  • Moomer's Ice Cream Traverse City - (We thought about you Don!)
  • Splash pad in park where we ate lunch! Even the spray of it was amazing. 
  • More cold wash clothes - life savers! 
  • Deer pounding across the the road in front of us
  • Safety because the deer ran across in front of us.
  • Praying for Rich at our first break in LeRoy. 
  • Getting into Traverse City at rush hour (uhhh...not so much).
    Colors are changing.
Ministry in LeRoy - prayed for RIch.
Tom's chilling in Cadillac

Feeling the splash pad mist.

Stats for the Day:
  • Time:  7:30 am-5:00 pm
  • Average Speed: 14.8 mph
  • Elevation: 2,800 ft.
  • Mileage: 91 miles
  • Extra stat: 33,000(ish) pedal rotations (according to Cindy's pedameter)  

  • Can you see us now?
    Lots of curves and hills today. 
    MOOMERS - Great way to close out the day.

    We have been fed and are weary.
    Off to bed with eyes kinda bleary.
            Keep praying for strength, we so, so need them.
            Tomorrow were off from here to Ludington.
            Remember that we are all in this together
            Our great God gets ALL the glory, forever and ever!!!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Day One Ride4Life 2017

From left: Shelley, Tom, Cindy, Garry. What a team!
Off we go! Day ONE and the plan is 103 miles! Who would have thought that on the first day of fall temperatures would top out at 90 degrees? 
The Ride team left by around 8:30 am after a great breakfast provided by our other support team! Thank you Janelle and crew. 
In case you have not yet met this year's team we have:

Cyclists: Garry, Shelley, Cindy, and Tom -  along with the 
SAG crew - Diane, MaryAnn, and Carolyn 
Oh, and if you don't know what SAG is - Support And Gear. 
(And yes we may sag a little as well.)

The "highlights" of the day...
Check out the beard,
it's riding like the wind. 

  1. Paths paved with squirrels, raccoons, snakes, skunks and all varieties of critters who unfortunately made the wrong choice. (sorry no pics)
  2. The Shamrock Inn and their hospitality (White Cloud). Because clean bathrooms and air conditioning was much needed.
  3. Motorcyclist riding like the wind. Well, his beard was anyway! WOW!!
  4. Rolling Hills with shade and water breaks waiting at the top.
Top of hills - taking a break

5. Bike paths with some shade.

6. Bike paths covered with fall leaves...pretty but disguised the pot holes the snowmobiles left behind last winter. 

7. Ice cold wash clothes saved the day...ahhhhhhA cool pool waiting at the hotel. Total body plunge.

Stats of the day...
  • Time: 8:30 am - 6:00 pm
  • Distance:104.5 miles
  • Average Speed: 14.7 mph
  • Elevation: 2,300 ft.
  • Temperature: 90 degrees
  • Pooped riders: All of them!
Keep praying! Keeping supporting! 
It's not to late to join this ride. 
GIve now...Pray now.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Meet the 2017 Ride4Life Team!

This is a big week for our Ride4Life team! Both new and returning riders and SAG members are excited to be taking off on their 350 mile challenge. Leaving on Thursday, and returning on Sunday, this year's ride will follow a beautiful loop through the northern lower peninsula of Michigan. Please join us in praying for the safety and strength of our 2017 Ride4Life team!

Cindy Rockwood
I am excited to be participating in the Ride4Life. I became aware of LPC and the Ride4Life several years ago when a coworker, Diane Meyerholtz, participated as a support person for the ride. After contributing to her support, this is my second year taking up the challenge to participate in the ride and raise my own support for this very worthy cause.
The pro-life cause has always been important to me. I worked almost 40 years with special needs children and their families, and I feel that all lives are special. When an unplanned/unexpected pregnancy occurs, that baby is also special and deserves a chance at life. Raising a child is not easy, and as a single parent for many years, I realize that at time the extra help and assistance is needed. By doing this ride, and raising support, I hope to make a contribution and provide assistance to the young women choosing life for their babies.

Garry Markvluwer
I have lived in Holland all my life, graduating from Holland Christian High School and Hope College. My wife, Sheila, and I have two children, a daughter Leah and son Tyler. I learned about Lakeshore Pregnancy Center in 1999 when my wife started working in various aspects of the ministry. For the first few years, I was a casual bystander with limited involvement. This soon changed as I began to volunteer at some of the events and experienced the positive impact the staff and ministry were having on the community. Today, I Ride4Life to help Lakeshore Pregnancy Center raise funds to continue operating its five centers located in West Michigan.
Please join me in holding up the staff and volunteers in prayer as they serve as the hands and feet of Christ. Every day, they are fighting for the life and souls of the unborn, and they are ministering to the needs of the men and women who find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy.

Shelley Hollar
I came to LPC in 2007 as a volunteer and have served in a few different positions in the ministry before becoming the Holland Center Director. I am reminded daily of the pain and hurt others live in and am blessed to be a part of the hope LPC offers.  My husband Terry and I enjoy worshipping and serving at Hope Reformed Church in Grand Haven.  We both enjoy music, and anything in the great outdoors! However on a quiet day you many find me in my sewing room whipping up something new. I have 2 children and 5 grandchildren that bring great joy to my life.

Tom Westrick
I have a great passion for cycling and have been involved with several pregnancy centers over the last seven years in the West Michigan area. What better way to put the two together than to ride for LPC? I can’t remember how I heard about the Ride4Life, but I finally made the jump this year and decided to ride – making this my first year participating. I am really excited! I can’t wait to challenge myself on this ride of 350 miles. What better motivation than riding for life?
I tell people that I cycle for relaxation and the enjoyment of silence and the many smells (maybe not the cow manure and road kill) and landscapes that I pass. They think I am crazy for saying riding 100 miles is relaxing, but hey, what can I say?! It’s my way to clean the mind and get away from behind the desk and the busy world we live in.
In my free time when I am not riding or working, I volunteer at Holy Family Radio and St. Isidore Church helping with IT. I am also an active member of the Knights of Columbus and choir at St. Isidore.

Carolyn Doyle
Carolyn is the Executive Director for LPC and has been involved in the Ride4Life for the past 7 years. She routes the trip and leads our SAG Team and Riders safely on the route every year. She is an excellent team leader and her leadership plays a vital part in the Ride4Life.

Diane Meyerholtz
This is my fifth year with Ride4Life, working on the SAG team. I have a servant’s heart and love making the life of each rider easier.
On a personal note, I am married to my wonderful husband Mark. We have three adult children, and seven grandchildren. I love spending time with the grands and the kids. For hobbies, I love camping with Mark, biking, and kayaking. I love reading and scrapbooking in my down and alone time. My faith and relationship with Christ has carried me through many a storm, and He is my Rock and my Foundation.

Mary Ann VanKampen
I really enjoyed my years as an elementary secretary with Zeeland Public Schools.   But, retirement now allows me to spend more time with family and friends, volunteer and travel. I'm excited to be helping for the 4th year as part of the SAG team to help raise money for Lakeshore Pregnancy.  It's an opportunity to raise money to help those facing an unplanned pregnancy.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Kick Your Training in Gear

Considering joining the Ride4Life Team at the Holland Hundred? Here are the event details and a great training plan to get you moving!

Date: July 15, 2017

Registration: $35.00 fee if done by July 9. Register at Ride packets will be available for pick up on July 14 at Herman Miller’s Greenhouse location on 16th Street.

Departure Location: The LPC group will gather at 6:45 am at Immanuel Church, 325 104th Ave., located just south of 16th Street across from Ride Point Church. We will depart at 7:00 am and ride as a group and hit at all the break stops, including the famous pancake breakfast!

THE BASICS: Try to ride at least 3 times a week. The “total mileage” is your goal for that week with the “long ride” comprising approximately 50% of the total. If your bike doesn’t have a cyclometer with an odometer, convert the mileage goal into a “hours to ride” goal assuming approximately 15 mph. (For example - Week 3’s goal would be a ride time of 4 hours with/a long ride of 2 ½ hours.)

IMPORTANT: Drink 8 ounces of water or sports drink each hour of activity to stay fully hydrated. Also, be sure to experiment w/ energy foods and other fuels before the day of the big ride.Make sure you bike fits well and is in good repair. Consult a good shop if you have fit questions. Have fun, ride safe and be careful!

Week 1: Mileage goal- 60 / Long ride- 30
Week 2: Mileage goal-66 / Long ride- 33
Week 3: Mileage goal- 70 / Long ride- 40
Week 4: Mileage goal- 80 / Long ride- 44
Week 5: Mileage goal- 84 / Long ride- 48
Week 6: Mileage goal- 90 / Long ride- 54
Week 7: Mileage goal- 102 / Long ride- 60
Week 8: Mileage goal- 118/ Long ride- 66 <THIS WEEK! 
Week 9: Mileage goal- 126 / Long ride- 72
Week 10: Mileage goal- 140 / Long ride- 85

 **You do not need to have ridden a full 100 mile day to finish your 1st century. The adrenaline of the “big day” is easily worth 15 miles.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Log the Miles - All Week Long

We want to help you be as prepared as possible for Ride4Life. Take advantage of the West Michigan cycling community by joining a weekly area group ride!

            Host: Macatawa Cycling Club
            Departure Time: 6:30pm
            Location: Holland Community Aquatic Center - 550 Maple Ave. Holland, MI 49423
            Pace Groups: 3
            Distance: 30-40 miles

            Host: Velo City Cycles
            Departure Time: 6:00pm
            Location: Velo City Bike Shop - 26 South River Ave. Holland, MI 49423
            Pace Groups: 4
            Distance: 20-30 miles

            Host: Main Street Bicycle Co.
            Departure Time: 6:00pm
            Location: Upper Mac Trail Head - 1300 84th Ave. Zeeland, MI 49464
            Pace Groups: 3
            Distance: 15-30 miles

            Host: Rock’n’Road
            Departure Time: 6:00pm
            Location: Turks of Holland - 977 Butternut Dr, Holland, MI 49424
            Pace Groups: 2
            Distance: 25-35 miles

            Host: Rock’n’Road
            Departure Time: 6:00pm
            Location: Rock’n’Road Grand Haven - 300 N. Seventh St. Grand Haven, MI. 49417
            Pace Groups: 3
            Distance: 20-42 miles

            Host: West Michigan Bike & Fitness
            Departure Time: 6:30pm
            Location: West Michigan Bike & Fitness - 215 Central Ave. Holland, MI. 49423

            Host: Velo City Cycles
            Departure Time: 8:30am
            Location: The Good Earth Bagel Shop - 14 E 7th St. Holland, MI 49423
            Pace Groups: 1 - medium pace
            Distance: 30 miles

            Host: Macatawa Cycling Club
            Departure Time: 8:00am
            Location: West Ottawa High School athletic lot - 3685 Butternut Dr. Holland, MI 49424
            Pace Groups: 1 - medium pace
            Distance: 40 miles to Grand Haven and back